While the men sit back and chuckle with satisfaction, you ladies are likely thinking:

“Seriously? Come on.”

No, YOU come on! Or come in! My mouth!

One of our favorite “TMI” girls – and fellow AfterDarkLA writer, Jayme Waxman – brought this news to our attention at TheStir.com, where she frequently reminds us that there's more than one way skin a penis.

Wait, what?

Doesn't matter. Waxman got us thinking about swallowing and the benefits of having semen all over you, in your mouth, and even in your food.

Our cohort AV Flox has become quite the connoisseur of ejactulatory leftovers, as evidenced in this account of the carnal culinary.

Spermsicles anyone?

The White Tigress Manual and other Japanese Geisha documents support Waxman's and Flox's pro-skeet attitude. Every swallowed load might not add a week to my sordid yet enlightened life, but if you tell me my skin might glow a little brighter with each blowjob, I'll go out and buy a set of knee pads.

The White Tigress teachings give us the FYI that rubbing semen onto the skin can improve clarity and rejuvenate its appearance. OK. But don't spooge on my face without asking first. I'm not a porn star and you're not doing me any favors – though a quick one-two-tug onto my cheeks is certainly more cost effective than that chemical peel facial I paid for last week.

Point. Shoot. In her mouth.

Point. Shoot. In her mouth.

And Waxman tells us that the testosterone and estrogen hormones in semen can actually boost your mood when ingested, and a recent Georgetown University study showed that semen helped produce cells that create insulin and temporarily “cure” diabetes.

What a wonder drug, right?

Plus she says every teaspoon of spooge is packed with protein but only 20 calories, so those of us weary of weight gain don't have to worry after a blowjob binge.

Bottoms up!

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