Now, everybody wants to know the truth about a brotha named Quik

I come from the school of the sly, wicked and the slick

A lotta people already know exactly where it's at

'Cause it's the home of the jackers and the crack

(Compton) Yeah, that's the name of my hometown

-“Born and Raised in Compton,” DJ Quik

DJ Quik covers the LA Weekly this week. But the West Coast legend can't be confined to a couple thousand printed words.

So we went to Compton with Quik, and made a video.

Sitting in his studio in a Papa Smurf t-shirt, or sliding through Compton in his gleaming black Mercedes, DJ Quik talks about driving through Crip territory as a Blood, Eazy-E's offer of a million dollars to sign, and his disbelief that he's still alive. It's a trip through his hood, but also his life.

Directed by Jon Casey.

Director of Photography Forest Casey.

Produced by Jeff Weiss, Jon Casey, and Forest Casey.

LA Weekly