We've told you about Superhumanoids, the Echo Park four-piece whose gossamer bedroom pop simply won't leave our regular rotation.

And the vinyl heads among us should remember Meanest Man Contest, the L.A./S.F. art-rap duo who recently contributed to the Gold Robot label's Designed Entropy compilation.

Well, turns out the Supes and MMC have joined forces since, with the former remixing the latter's contribution to that same comp, “Takitani Edit.”

The result recasts the original artist as a sort of buoyant Xiu Xiu (who Superhumanoids have also remixed) or, for those with really good memories, Baby Dayliner. Ambient effects, bird chirps, synth swells and lush burbling beats.

Get it.

DOWNLOAD: Meanest Man Contest – “Takitani Edit (Superhumanoids Remix)” [MP3]

Buy the comp featuring the original via Gold Robot.

The "Takitani" remix, Superhumanoids vs. Meanest Man Contest

The “Takitani” remix, Superhumanoids vs. Meanest Man Contest

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