With a name like “Bowie,” one would imagine that a career in music was inevitable for Australian-born L.A. resident Bowie Jane. However, she wandered into a career in criminal law before really throwing herself into her dirty house DJing. She has some local sets coming up, so we spoke to her about all of this and more.

L.A. WEEKLY: When did you start making music, and when did you realize that it could be a career?
I’ve been writing lyrics since I was an angsty teenager, but musically I learned classical piano for seven years, did musical theater, sung in bands and then moved into the DJ world of electro-pop and house.

I decided to focus solely on my music around seven years ago. I left Australia and released my music in the U.K., and performed thousands of gigs in clubs and festivals all over the U.K. as well as doing press and hundreds of radio interviews. I then moved to L.A. two and a half years ago and have been performing in clubs and at events around town. I LOVE L.A.!

Describe your sound/style.
My DJ style is drawn from house and tech-house influences. I grew up obsessed with dirty house beats and haven’t looked back. I’m a high-energy performer … visually I’m always moving and I love to rev up the crowd. It’s so important to make eye contact and party with the crowd. The audience gets energized from a killer DJ who's into their own tracks.

You're a criminal lawyer? How does that double life work?
Ha, yes, I certainly have been living a double life. I’m a defense criminal trial attorney and worked on some huge money-laundering and tax-fraud cases. To be honest, I never intended to be a lawyer — it was always meant to just be so I could get some experience in entertainment law so I knew what I was doing contractually in music.

When I was living in Australia, I would literally be in court during the day, then quickly changing into my skimpy DJ clothes and rocking out onstage at night. The lawyers didn’t realize I was a DJ singer-songwriter, and the musicians didn’t realize I was a lawyer. But the law helped pay the bills for my music releases, as it’s so expensive paying for productions, remixes, promo, etc.

What can we expect from this L.A. set from you?
Dirty slinky beats with a super cool house undertone and me making sure you have a good time. 'Cause I only play music I love.

What's next from you in 2019?
2018 was absolutely amazing. My song “Busted,” which I co-wrote with Jason Bond, was featured on the CBS hit TV show S.W.A.T. The episode was filmed in Hollywood and they featured me DJing in the club scene, DJing my song. It was an awesome, very “L.A.” experience.

“Busted” then reached No. 21 on the Billboard dance charts and hit No. 7 in the U.K. dance charts with awesome remixes by the Cube Guys and GloVibes. And I got the chance to do the DJ mix to the fireworks at Dodger Stadium for L.A. Pride. It was so cool for this Aussie — seriously, how cool are the Dodgers?

So in 2019 I’ll be focusing on new releases as well as working on some wicked remixes and gigging as many house and tech-house gigs as I can. This month I’m DJing on Jan. 13 at Liaison in Hollywood for “No Jealousy,” and on Jan. 19 I’m DJing at Le Jardin in Hollywood for “Paris at Night L.A.”  Both venues are super cool and the nights really go off. Ill also be DJing the super-high-energy Barry’s Bootcamp classes in L.A. … so fun and if you haven’t gone to one of their classes, make sure you do in 2019. I’ll also be in-store at Lululemon in Beverly Hills, but keep an eye on my Instagram for upcoming dates.

Bowie Jane performs at Lululemon in Beverly Hills on Friday, Jan. 18, and at Le Jardin in Hollywood on Saturday, Jan. 19.

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