Ever wanted to submit to a bunch of hot ladies in the Big Apple? No safe words for miles and kinky creativity is encouraged. Plus you'll probably only get a paper cut or two, so no worries about explaining the bruises to your boss/spouse/house cat later.

The 8th Annual CineKink Film Festival is flogging a final call for entries to its acclaimed sexually deviant program, known for celebrating the diverse and sometimes creepy (in a good way) world of sex.

CineKink co-founder and director Lisa Vandever sexted me this morning calling out to all kinky-ish filmmakers, asking AfterDarkLA to help spread the word to the rest of LaLaLand in case there are a few who've slipped through my cracks. (Giggity.)

The fest is scheduled March 1-6, 2011, and in case you're wondering what to expect, here's a recap of last year's:

The Audience Choice Award went to “S&M Judge” by Erik Lamens, and an honorable mention in the documentary category went to “Waxie Moon” by Wes Hurley. The CineKink Tribute, which honors sex-positivity in mainstream film and TV, featured mentions to, among others, Joss Whedon's awesomely under-appreciated “Dollhouse” and “Gossip Girl” (gasp), while a personal surprise favorite went to the unexpectedly well-written sitcom “How I Met Your Mother.”

And don't forget Tristan Taormino's win for her “Rough Sex” release. That's good shit, and I didn't even have to go to the fest to see it. That's cuz I'm connected, yo.

Vandever made a point to post-sext text me to request more L.A.-based submissions. So get on it! By your powers combined, we are Captain Planet CineKink, and it wouldn't be the award-winning, specially curated national event it is today without artists like YOU.

So put on your decoder rings, turn on the camera, and start creeping out your neighbors. We want to see something raw.*

*Bonus points for vaginas.

For submission details and event info, visit CineKink.com. Make Barbie proud.

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