Everett Adam Livvix, the suspect in a bizarre terror case in Israel that was the subject of this week's cover story, has been released from a mental facility and returned to the United States.

Livvix, 31, of Robinson, Illinois, was arrested last November and accused of attempting to blow up the Dome of the Rock, the iconic mosque on Jerusalem's Temple Mount. The next day, Israeli authorities arrested his roommate, Kevin Orenshein, a 21-year-old from Los Angeles who had volunteered to serve in the Israel Defense Forces.

Orenshein was accused of supplying explosives to Livvix. In an interview with the Weekly, Orenshein explained that he had been duped into thinking that Livvix was a former Navy SEAL. He also said he was led to believe that Livvix needed the explosives for protection. Orenshein was released in April, after five and a half months in an Israeli military prison. 

Livvix was judged to be psychotic and found unfit to stand trial. Since then, he has been held in a mental institution in Israel.

Earlier this week, Livvix was returned to Illinois, where he faces charges for stealing farm equipment. He is now being held in the Crawford County jail in Robinson. He made a brief court appearance on Wednesday.

According to prosecutor Matthew Hartrich, Livvix faces three to seven years in prison on the theft charges. He is also wanted in other counties for violating probation.

Livvix's mother, Jennie Woolverton, declined to comment Friday.

LA Weekly