June 6, 2019


Did you ever dream of being an FBI agent? Or think about banding together to fight evil on Earth? Want to visit a parallel universe where everything is strange but also familiar? Or how about valiantly fixing a submarine before it sinks to the ocean floor? It’s time to immerse yourself. Escapedom gives you the opportunity to leave the world you know for one hour and immerse yourself in ours. This real life experience is the latest in escape room entertainment for people of all interests and backgrounds! At Escapedom we offer the perfect alternative to watching a movie. We’ve designed experiences for you which will mirror your memories of first contemplating the The Matrix or unraveling Inception. Make a booking and immerse yourself today and tomorrow as we roll out each of our four unique escape rooms!

Venue: Westwood Village

Event Location

Westwood Village 1031 Broxton Ave

Event Fees





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