Located in Santa Monica, Summer Veebs, hosted by headliner and co-host of LA Weekly’s Weekly podcast, Sara Tariq, is happening every other Saturday from 2 – 7 pm.

This event is a brave take on shifting LA nightlife industry standards.

While enjoying cocktails like one of Summer Veeb’s very own spicy take on a tequila sunrise with a hint of basil, Tariq is focused on one thing and one thing only…getting the right message across. 

Through her tasteful picks ranging from 2000’s classics to current day hits by Toronto’s one and only, Drake, Tariq paints a vivid picture of the current veebs she’s on. Something you can tell by her charisma and work ethic that will take the industry by storm. 

The spirit of the room brightens up as Tariq carries the energy. The quaint SHOREbar compliments the DJ’s character with its intimate, lively ambiance.


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