It has been estimated that since its founding in 1776 the United States has been in a state of war for 227 years out of the past 244 years. None of those elusive years of peace has occurred in the past three decades, either. No matter which of the two major parties is in office, the war(s) remain the same. In fact, during much of the past 20 years, this nation has been simultaneously invading and destabilizing at least half a dozen countries at a time. War remains the United States’ greatest cultural and economic export, and although the antiwar movement generally slept through the previous four presidential administrations, people are finally starting to speak out against Trump’s reckless provocations in Iraq and against Iran. At the Global Day of Protest, Answer Coalition and Code Pink: Women for Peace assemble numerous local organizations in a show of defiance against yet another war.

L.A. City Hall, 200 N. Spring St., downtown; Sat., Jan. 25, 1-3 p.m.; free.


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