Los Angeles-based entrepreneur Santiago Pazos has a dream. Well, two dreams. One is the promise of the American Dream, that prompted him to leave Spain and seek his fortune in this sun-drenched city. The other is that someone would finally make men’s yoga clothes that are actually stylish.

Women have embraced the lowkey athleisure sex appeal of yoga pants for years, after all. A dedicated yoga practitioner himself, Pazos wanted in on that, and he knew he was not alone. Instead of shopping in vain — or worse, going outside in sweatpants — he founded Coroa Yoga to fill the need for both himself and for all fashion-conscious yogis like him.

Coroa Yoga (Lauren Lemon)

The line is both designed and produced in Los Angeles, and its inaugural collection is inspired by Galicia, Spain, Pazos’ hometown. In the lookbook materials, Pazos writes about this region as being known to Celtic travelers, and the use of coppers, arrows, and thick lines as being reminiscent of this heritage of cultural exchange — as well as of the art deco and modernist architectural profile of Los Angeles.

Coroa Yoga (Lauren Lemon)

On Saturday, July 27, Echo Park’s One Down Dog yoga studio hosts Coroa Yoga in presenting a free men-only workshop instructed by yogi, Téo Chapelier, preceded and followed by friends & family-discount shopping and mingling sessions under the hashtag #moremenonthemat.

One Down Down, 317 Glendale Blvd., Echo Park; Saturday, July 27, 3pm; free.


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