Anyone who's been downing Eric Alperin's violet-scented cocktails to cope with living in a post-Gourmet world should get up at least by 11 tomorrow morning and turn on the radio. On KCRW's Good Food program, Evan Kleiman will be discussing the demise of the much-loved magazine with the Weekly's Jonathan Gold and LA Times food section editor Russ Parsons. Gourmet editor-in-chief Ruth Reichl is a friend to both, and all three worked together, at one time or another, at the Times, where Reichl was food section editor and restaurant critic.

This morning Kleiman, who has written for both Gourmet and Bon Appetit (“it's apples and oranges”), was banging pots and pans in her own kitchen and sounded dismayed and not a little frustrated when asked about the topic. “I'm thinking about all the great writers; where do they go now? Literally they locked the offices. The food in the test kitchen was still there.”

Kleiman will also be talking with Amanda Hesser (like Reichl, a former NYT restaurant critic) about her new project, Food 52, and with food scientist Harold McGee about poisonous tomatoes; Top Chef non-winner Stefan Richter will also stop by.

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