The North Carolina State football community was shocked to learn yesterday that a former Pack player, 25-year-old Evan Andrew Dooley, had been run over by a pickup truck on the 10 freeway early Monday morning.

The California Highway Patrol received reports of a naked man running alongside the road just after 4:30 a.m. — callers told the CHP that he was taking off his clothes and weaving into traffic lanes.

By 4:45 a.m., Dooley was down.

Emergency responders arrived to find him dead on the freeway, near La Brea Avenue (just past Culver City in the West Adams district). Coroner's investigator Lieutenant Fred Corral says the victim “was run over by multiple vehicles” and “sustained massive traumatic injuries.”

However, his official cause of death is still pending — and the Los Angeles Coroner's Office has been ordered to run a toxicology test on Dooley.

His former team, known as the “Wolfpack,” sent its condolences over Twitter yesterday afternoon. The message has since been re-Tweeted dozens of times.

Dooley was No. 36. Here's his highlight reel from North Carolina State:

Credit: NC State

Credit: NC State

The young man's player profile for the NCAA lists him as a wide receiver, standing tall at six-foot-two-inches and weighing 190 pounds.

And Dooley's entry on the North Carolina State website says he was a 2008 graduate and a native of Greensboro, North Carolina.

He must have since moved to Los Angeles, however, because the coroner tells us he's from L.A. (Update: Indeed, according to his Facebook profile, he lives in Los Angeles. Dooley also lists himself as a football and hip-hop fan.)

Sadly, a fellow member of the NC State Wolfpack Tweeted, “Another one if my team mates died ….. Thats 5 in four years.”

Did you know Evan Dooley? Any idea what could have happened to him Sunday night/Monday morning? Let us know.


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