Streaming Pick 1Etheria Film Festival, celebrating women writers and directors in horror, sci-fi, fantasy and dark comedy is always worth your time, providing unique and often subversive ideas and cinematic vision. The in-person event may have gotten lost in the plethora of Pride events this month, but there’s still a chance to catch all the films on Shudder, which has streamed them the past two years of the pandemic. We highly recommend you do if you want a sample of the wickedly wonderful work of women behind the camera. Here’s a list of the selected short features for 2022:

This is Our Home (Directed by A.K. Espada)

When a bleeding-heart vegan and her pragmatic roommate’s rodent infestation intensifies, they find themselves at odds regarding methods that are inhumane yet effective.

Inheritance (Directed by Annalise Lockhart)

A black family in rural Vermont attempts to live a life of solitude and cope with the ghosts living on their property.

Dana (Directed by Lucía Forner Segarra)

After surviving a late-night attack, Dana embarks on a mission of vengeance and violence that will change her forever.

Lucid (Directed by Deanna Milligan)

At an art school in the 1990s, a young outsider embarks on a morbid quest for pure self-expression when she creates a self-portrait for her classmates that reveals her enchantment with the grotesque.

Freya (Directed by Camille Hollett-French)

Jade considers FREYA (her Federally Regulated Enquiry and Yield Assistant) a friend, but when a one-night stand doesn’t go as planned, Jade is forced to question FREYA and the system she represents.

The Familiars (Directed by Millicent Malcolm)

When a skeptical teenage girl inherits a mysterious heirloom, she must decide whether to use it to protect herself from her destructive Mother.

Come F*ck My Robot (Directed by Mercedes Bryce Morgan)

Based on a real Craigslist post of the same name, the film follows the story of Brian—an out-of-work, loveless loser who happens upon a job posting by an engineer looking for someone to sleep with a prototype sex robot.































































































































































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