Women, the wait is over. All of your burning relationship questions have finally been answered. Wanna know what your man is secretly thinking without you having to ask? Shocking facts emerge from the bedroom in an exclusive nationwide sex survey conducted in April's Esquire Magazine.

Here's the good news gals: If you're a pillow queen, you have reason to rejoice! According to the study, men don't have a preferred sexual position as long as women have a pulse, so it's nice to know we don't have to hang from the rafters or assume some circus contortion to turn you dudes on.

Nearly tied for favorite sex-pose are missionary (guy on top) at 28 percent, doggy style (guy behind) at 26 percent, and cowgirl (girl on top) at 30 percent. The remaining stances — spooning, standing and situations not listed — comprise the other 10 percent of the roster.

Beta Research Corporation, an independent testing firm out of New York, randomly selected 522 respondents from a pool of Internet-connected U.S. men aged 21 to 59. The group was comprised of both single guys and those in committed relationships, and was balanced to represent the population of dudes in this age demo.

Bigger isn't always better.

Bigger isn't always better.

For the ball-and-chain set; married men are 25 percent more likely to say they're very satisfied with their sex lives over their single peers, and 66 percent of guys in a committed relationship have had zero sex partners in that time.

For all you chicks without tits reading this, I'm happy to report that only 24 percent of men polled prefer their partners to have large breasts.

The most troubling data according to the study: 34 percent of men in committed relationships have cheated on their current partner, only 34 percent of those men regularly wear a condom, and 14 percent of married men have had at least one sexual encounter with another man.

The odds of safety are not on our side, ladies. So take note.

Not to mention, 43 percent of the men quizzed have had difficulty getting and/or maintaining an erection, and when asked what their biggest anxiety was when having sex with someone for the first time, guys were more than four times as likely to say they were concerned with their sexual performance than with contracting HIV.

You know that famous saying; don't ask the question unless you want to know the answer? As you can see from these findings, women, some things are better left unsaid.

Bad news aside, I think it's better to be armed with the information than left in the dark.

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