A pair of space oddities from East Germany’s DEFA studio land on the shelves
this week, and, together, they bring into focus the other space race — the one
to represent the universe’s outer limits in ever more dazzling displays of special-effects
technology and moviemaking craft. The Soviets may have got the jump on us with
Sputnik, but Kurt Maetzig’s The Silent Star (1960), based on the
novel by Stanislaw Lem (who also wrote Solaris), leans heavily on MGM’s
Forbidden Planet (1956) for the design of its crusty planetary landscapes
and fantastic alien technology, as well as its electronic musical score. Still,
the communists could be magnanimous: After discovering a strange artifact in the
Gobi Desert, East German scientists allow an American physicist to bum a ride
to Venus on their Soviet-built rocket, whose entire crew is remarkably multinational
and multiethnic. As a dashing East German cosmonaut puts it, “We are not only
internationalists in politics.” The dialogue throughout proves as stiff and campy
as in the movie’s jargon-laden Hollywood counterpart. Venus itself is all mist,
colored lights and lava-lamp superimpositions until the smoke clears to reveal
one of the most bizarre and bewildering visions of an alien structure ever filmed.
For its part, Herman Zschoche’s Eolomea (1972) seems like a step back.
Its sets and miniatures could have been recycled from Thunderbirds, while
its story struggles for (but never achieves) the conceptual gravity of Tarkovsky’s
Solaris, released the same year. Still, director Zschoche does his best,
chopping up the story of a deep-space explorer’s obsession with a distant mysterious
star with psychedelic flashes of slit-scan images (à la 2001) and liquid
light projections.

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