Entrepreneurs and Businesses to Look Out For in 2022

The entrepreneurial world is kicking into high gear in 2022. Businesses are starting up in every industry, and many seek to make a big splash within their niche. Here are ten businesses and entrepreneurs you will want to keep on your radar in 2022:

1. Ramzi Mansour

Ramzi Mansour is a pioneer in the photography industry, combining philanthropy with his passion for the industry. His book, “Resilience,” is a collection of his work that details the narratives of 42 women who have battled or are currently battling cancer.

Before becoming a photographer, Ramzi had a successful background in business and still sits on several boards of companies across Africa and the Middle East. He prides himself on not taking any form of payment for his work, and hopes his photography will empower women to be their authentic selves behind the camera. Over the last two years, Ramzi has photographed 200 to 300 women approximately, free of charge, and is a leading photographer in the South African market.

2. Andrew Bittner/Home DAO

Home DAO is the world’s first and only cryptocurrency ecosystem backed by real-world sustainable assets. Home DAO’s cutting-edge ecosystem turns a profit while making it possible for sustainable projects all over the world to be funded and impact local communities. It is on a planetary mission to place the “you” back in utility. They “walk the walk” by physically building and funding sustainable projects and then decentralizing ownership of basic needs such as electricity back to the people using the blockchain. Cryptocurrency and sustainable infrastructure are two of the most advanced and constantly developing fields of technology, with potential to change the world. Andrew believes that real change is possible, but to seize that opportunity, we must be courageous and transcend past barriers to create our new sustainable future.

Home DAO’s projects focus on high-yielding cash flows in renewable energy and will grow to include infrastructure for clean water, healthy food, affordable housing, open internet access, smart cities, community/local economic connection, as well as education access and reform.

3. Barron Solomon/Solo Music

Solo Music Is the brainchild of Barron Solomon. Solomon has primarily worked with early-stage startups where he has focused on high-growth business development and scaling operations. Since first learning about blockchain technology and working on several early blockchain projects and related apps, Barron’s passionate focus has been the adoption of blockchain technology at scale. A combination of a lifetime immersed in music and entertainment and a career in IT, cloud computing and blockchain technology, led Barron to launch Solo Music.

Solo Music is committed to creating a long-term blockchain strategy specifically for the music industry. They offer artists, agencies, labels, and publishing companies a solution to maximize how blockchains will impact artists’ careers and the overall industry. Solo Music is dedicated to working to create immediate opportunities and long-term strategies to use blockchain in all aspects of the music industry.

4. Matthew Lobel/PLAYN

Matthew Lobel is a results-driven executive with an extensive and diverse background in application development, gaming, and training and development as an entrepreneur over the last 30 years. Now, Matt is developing the PLAYN ecosystem. Matt is on a mission to bring blockchain gaming to the masses by dropping barriers to entry, creating fun games, and providing real value to its token holders. With so many play-to-earn companies telling you about the earning possibilities, they have lost sight of a fundamental truth — games are meant to be fun! PLAYN focuses on the fun and, in the process, gives control and governance back to the players.

The first game to launch on PLAYN, “Darklin Wars,” is a massively-multiplayer RTS currently in a playable pre-alpha stage. In the game, thousands of players vie to dominate the kingdom, subduing powerful monsters, facing dark powers, and creating then deploying Darklin fantasy creatures who are completely customizable.

5. Josh Fields/The Next Step Programs

Founded in 2015, The Next Step Programs (TNS) is a non-profit organization that aims to break down the barriers withholding people with disabilities from finding educational and employment opportunities after high school. TNS creates dynamic skill and community-building programs for young adults and adults with disabilities.

The programs offered by TNS focus on bolstering skills in communication, employability, self-advocacy, independent living, and teamwork. They also work with employers to support their efforts in creating more inclusive workplaces while encouraging the hiring of people with disabilities.

6. Dr. Sajani Barot/The Skin Consult

The Skin Consult is the first-of-its-kind skin concierge bringing people elite skincare and advice to their homes. Founded in the middle of 2020, when access to skin spas and professionals was limited, Dr. Sajani Barot saw a space in the market where skincare and tech could coincide. Now, using smart AI to determine people’s skin concerns, and combined with a live consultation with a top aesthetician, Dr. Barot makes clinical skincare accessible.

A subscription with The Skin Consult means three months of curated product samples, membership discounts on clinical brands and services, and unlimited online support. As The Skin Consult continues to evolve, it changes the way people care for their skin and health.

7. Senpex

Senpex is a software company that specializes in providing small to medium-sized enterprises with courier services and dispatch technology. The Senpex team provides all corporate partners with custom-designed solutions to best fit their company’s specific needs.

Senpex’s AI-based framework enables its technology to deploy a unique set of custom parameters for each client and doesn’t deploy a one-size-fits-all approach to the end-user. Through its technological framework, Senpex enables all of its clients to access a technology platform that is custom-built for their specific needs.

8. StudentBridge

StudentBridge is a leading provider of personalized, video-based recruitment solutions for higher education. Its mission is to help students find the right school while assisting institutions in achieving their enrollment goals.

Founded in 2014, StudentBridge has established itself as the leading provider of video viewbooks, interactive campus maps, and on-campus tours, helping over 300 institutions engage and recruit students. Working with universities like Boston University, Highpoint University, and Georgia Southern University, StudentBridge has seen increased demand for virtual solutions as students demand more engaging and informative videos during the enrollment process.


GAMBL is a global blockchain platform built for the gaming industry. Offering industry-leading odds, guaranteed payouts, and backed by a deflationary economy, GAMBL users can bet globally on various services, including Sportsbook, Casino, Lottery, Poker, and more. It’s an easy-to-use, one-stop platform for all gaming services, featuring intuitive UI for a better experience on desktop and mobile devices.

GAMBL is globally accessible and free from personal limitations or restrictions, and allows for guaranteed payouts. This accessibility gives users complete control over their funds and makes all betting data publicly available. GAMBL offers industry-leading odds and prize pools and reduces the entry barrier for bettors and operators alike.

10. Parima Ijaz/Pure Parima

Parima Ijaz is the founder of Pure Parima. While she was completing her Political Science degree at Rutgers University, news broke out that major retailers were being sued for fraudulently mislabeling products as 100% Egyptian cotton when they carried 25% or less. At 24-years-old, Parima decided to use her upbringing in the textile industry to create a company that would be authentic to its consumers. She built Pure Parima to ensure people could receive accessible luxury, authenticity, and softness. She honors her Middle Eastern heritage through her color choices and collection names. She also honors her father, whose 30 years of experience in this industry have guided and inspired her, leaving a legacy of which both can be proud.

Pure Parima only purchases Egyptian cotton from certified growers, ensuring their product is the best option on the market. They are also CEA certified, meaning their cotton is DNA-tested to ensure its authenticity. Consumers don’t have to read the fine print with Pure Parima. Transparency and truth are their foundation.

11. Anthony Chavez/Codelab303

Anthony Chavez is a technical leader based in Boulder, Colorado who has a deep passion for executing well conceptualized interactive products. He is the Founder & CEO of Codelab303 with over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship and web technology.

Codelab303 is a digital special forces team of elite experience designers, engineers, and producers who help their partners build engaging, efficient, and effective creative technology experiences for any need at any scale.

His team works as a go-to shop that helps to modernize and transform established businesses and set them up for rapid growth and success. Their mission is to “Build the Right Thing. Build the Thing Right.”

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