Josh Griz: Grinding For Success

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While many 24-year-olds are stuck working jobs they hate, trapped in debt, barely making ends meet, and just trying to find their place in life, young up and coming entrepreneur Josh Griz has made a promising pivot to avoid this common pitfall. He now shares his journey and skill sets with others so they may follow.

Griz lives a life of freedom that many folks three times his age never realize. He is completely “free”: financially free, time-free, and location-free, as he spent the last year traveling the country, networking, moving to downtown Charleston S.C., and creating a lifestyle worthy of great pride.

Josh’s growing-up years were filled with family, working, and attending a prep school in Hilton Head. He later played football at Charleston Southern, where he earned an accounting degree. However, he admits he graduated knowing very little about business, such as how to sell, market, or create jobs. He realized he must quickly take matters into his own hands.

This wasn’t an instant fix, though. A bit of time at the “school of hard knocks” found Josh working multiple 9to5 jobs, trying out different side-hustles, enduring personal adversities, and even spending nights sleeping in his own truck.

“One thing just led to another for me,” he explains. He began selling online on his own, figuring out what worked for him and what didn’t. He learned that providing value in the marketplace is key to selling products and services.

At that point, Josh harnessed the “world of social media” to facilitate his growth. Through sharing his truths of business, relationships, and God with his potential (and now current) clients, he garnered a whopping 72,000 followers on TikTok in less than five months.

Josh explained that when someone reaches out for help, “I’m not ‘salesy’ by any means, I just form a connection with my people and show them how I did it.” Josh gains a huge satisfaction from helping people earn an extra source of income. “Many people I work with have jobs, are in school, play sports, have families, but can still make an extra four to five grand a month to pay their bills,” he revealed. “Often, people think they don’t have time, but once you’re set up it only takes a few hours a week.”

Admitting there were hurdles, Josh’s positive, self-encouraging attitude surely contributed to his unusual success. “You just commit and go for it!! I am a Griz. Whenever I set my mind to something I’ve always made it happen!”

Following his own advice, Josh is a stunning example of self-motivation, which is vital for successful entrepreneurs to obtain.

Josh claims his method is simple. “I show people how to use affiliate marketing correctly. You can start with no up-front costs, you don’t need to own inventory, you don’t need experience, just find an affiliate program that works for you, and boom, leverage social media to start making sales.” Josh currently is a top affiliate marketer for the 15-day Challenge, however, he is set to release his own course in early 2023. His Online Course Academy will show people how to create, market, and sell their own online course to create consistent passive sales each month. “You, a normal person, can take matters into your own hands, self-educate yourself to learn high income skills, go out on your own, and become who you want to be,” Josh assures his following.

The advice Josh would give now to his younger self? There will never be a perfect time to start. Just do it, go for it, make it happen, and take full responsibility for your life.”

In the last year alone, Josh Griz’s prestigious skill set has now assisted over 200 people in passively reaching $10k per month by utilizing affiliate marketing. “Don’t get me wrong. I love making money, but I also have a big heart for helping others achieve their financial goals, and Lord willing, this is what I plan on doing for years to come.”

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