Entrepreneur Manpreet Kohli contributes to humanity through Deekay Relief funds

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We rise by lifting others. -Robert Ingersoll

This is just one example. We have read numerous such quotes since our childhood. But how many times have we actually followed these words? While you are still analysing, there are a cosmic number of people who are working towards humanity, and Manpreet Kohli is one such. This serious entrepreneur, who is known for his adept business skills, is also walking at the front when it comes to doing charity.

Manpreet Kohli also goes by the name Mkay. The people who follow him closely are aware of his “giving” nature. Speaking of his philanthropic activities, we must tell you that this entrepreneur is not only a co-founder of Saitama Inu but also founded the Deekay Relief Fund.

Haven’t heard of it? Manpreet’s founded Deekay Relief Fund is a charitable organisation that is striving hard along with the UN and WHO to give a better way of living to the underprivileged women and children in the under-developed regions of Africa.

Manpreet Kohli started Deekay in the year 2010 and it has been over a decade since he has been ceaselessly contributing toward the betterment and elevation of a colossal number of impoverished people. Besides this, Manpreet Kohli has aided and ensured the supply of basic requirements in the African countries during the pandemic situations of the last couple of years.

Initially, Manpreet wasn’t ready to share any details about this. He firmly believed in the saying, “be discreet with your kindness.” However, it took baggage of requests and pleas before he shared a sprinkle of information and photos from one of his campaigns, i.e., Deekay Relief.

This is just one drive that he took to serve society and its people. There are many more such campaigns that Manpreet undertook. It’s quite an uphill battle to keep up with this kind of work, and we are extremely delighted to see that Manpreet Kohli has been doing this for years.

Continuing on with his entrepreneurial success stories, he co-founded Saitama Inu in the year 2021, and the company is already outperforming every market trend. Manpreet Kohli has brought his years of experience and expertise to his company, and all we hope is that he finds more success.


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