Enrico Sangiuliano Sees a Glitch in Time: Italian electronic artist Enrico Sangiuliano sees DJing and producing as two symbiotic things.

“I started collecting music, recording it from FM radio straight on tape cassette and dividing it per genre (techno, trance, drum n bass, hardcore) in 1994 when I was 8,” he says. “At the same time I was developing a profound interest for percussion and I’d spend the days playing with my hands on school benches before switching to the drums. Once I discovered computers and the possibility of creating sounds non present in reality and playing with them, my faith was set. It got interesting when I started playing in the illegal rave scene in Italy around 16. My own (unreleased) productions were standing at the centre of my DJ sets. Sound Design studies helped to finetune my passion for tweaking knobs. A couple of years later my own (released) productions were climbing the international charts and being supported by global DJs. In 2012 I started playing internationally and in 2019 I won Best Producer at DJ Awards. By now at the end of 2023 I have released several techno worldwide ‘hits,’ I regularly play in many of the most renowned clubs and events on the planet, I own a temporary record label called NINETOZERO and I’m married to colleague and global techno/dance music artist Charlotte de Witte. Things couldn’t be more serious.”

He describes his sound today as, “A recognizable sound identity made of lifetime background shaped into energetic, emotional, fat rolling beats and music journeys oriented towards the future.” That can be heard on h9s latest release, Glitch in Time.

“As the name suggests, Glitch In Time is an abrupt event in time, which I decided to represent with music in my new release,” Sangiuliano says. “I invited an Italian collective of skillful producers called The Sentinels to collaborate. We have regular chats about music and production, during one of which I shared the idea that each of us could approach this chapter in their own signature style. The outcome, to me is a strong collection of tracks that distinguish themselves from the mainstream, providing an intriguing translation. I’m very happy with the release.”

Regarding the current state of electronic music, Sangiuliano says that techno is seeing a major shift.

“Our genre is now at its peak of popularity, raising from the underground to conquer huge worldwide crowds,” he says. “The current generation of talents are defining this present era where rules are not clear yet. For many years our genre has been mostly unified and steady around a particular trend of evolution or flavor, while at the moment it’s going literally everywhere. Fast, slow, melodic, stripped, commercial, anti-commercial. A very interesting period! In the pursuit of mass appeal every genre risks weakening its essence, prioritizing cheesy rhythms over experimentation. The challenge lies in treading a path that respects its roots while venturing into uncharted sonic territories.”

Looking ahead, Sangiuliano has plenty planned for the coming months.

“I’ve just been in Sao Paulo for a SOLO event: I DJ’d all night long at legendary D-Edge club to celebrate the Glitch In Time release,” he says. “It was an immersive musical journey from silence to silence. For the rest of the year I have planned some studio sessions to prepare the next chapters of NINETOZERO and also some cool shows in the European continent: UK (Warehouse Project and Drumsheds), Netherlands (Free Your Mind), Hungary (Arzenal), Italy (First Festival and Audiodrome) and Bulgaria (Exe).”

Enrico Sangiuliano Sees a Glitch in Time: Enrico Sangiuliano’s Glitch In Time is out now on Enrico’s NINETOZERO label –







































































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