There is a better way to ensure you get that hotel deal than punching vacation hours into your kids' old Calculus graphing calculator. The basic iPhone app works just fine for pretty much everything, including figuring out restaurant tips. The easiest solution? It involves drinking wine at the Ritz-Carlton in Dana Point or $35.

Yes, that was the Ritz-Carlton, lots of wine, and under forty bucks all in one sentence. Of course, the name of the series, Eno-Versity, is appropriately posh for a swanky hotel. But the pours are generous, the bar is air-conditioned, and cheese and charcuterie pairings are involved (not to mention crashing the pool is awfully tempting at that price).

In years past, the hotel's wine bar has called upon small California winery owners including Steve Burgess of Burgess Cellars in Napa to lead their hour-plus long wine classes. This year, Eno is shifting to a regional focus. Hotel spokesperson Deanne French explains,”We found more broad classes were more appealing and less intimidating.” Upcoming Fall classes include: Chocolate and Port, Misunderstood Merlot, and Tuscan Harvest.

Are a half dozen tastes from numerous vintners better than one? That's to be determined (by you), but let us know how it goes. And while you're at it, you might as well do a cannonball with a wheel of perfectly ripe, oozy Camembert.

For the upcoming class schedule, call (949) 240-2000 or visit Eno at the Ritz Carlton, 1 Ritz-Carlton Dr., Dana Point. $35, advance reservation recommended.

LA Weekly