In the wee hours of January 4, 33-year-old white woman and well-known Hollywood makeup artist Enedine Vigil was allegedly shot six times in the back by her own fiance in her own apartment building. Read the Weekly's original report here.

LAPD officers rushed the historic Hudson Apartments (converted from an old celebrity hotel located along the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame) just after 2:30 a.m., where they found Vigil lying lifeless in the third-floor hallway.

Her suspected shooter, 41-year-old Paul Allee, refused to come out of her apartment — which led to a dramatic four-hour standoff with cops.

At 7 a.m., Allee was finally forced out of the room and onto a gurney.

Blogger Jacky Jasper knew Vigil personally, and was only a few apartments over when the murder took place. After being evacuated from the building by an LAPD SWAT team, he blogged that about the crime scene from a nearby Starbucks:

“Here I am at my girlfriend's place in Hollywood, relaxing in the backroom at about 2:30 am. That's about the time I heard what sounded like four gunshots in rapid succession. It was so loud that it sounded like the gun was being fired inside my girlfriend's apartment. So I got up and walked down the hallway of the apartment to check. I took a look and went back to the bedroom. I looked out the bedroom window and saw fire and medic trucks surrounded by news photographers. About ten minutes later I heard the cops in the hallways…turning door knobs and knocking on doors. That's when I overheard an officer saying it was a 'blonde woman right' …

Two detectives were taking cover in my girlfriends hallway as LAPD kicked open Paul's door to see if he was a victim or a suspect….but my gut told me he was a suspect. Enedine had already been identified by her cell phone which I called at the officers request. As I called I could hear Enedine's cellphone ring just outside our door.”

Jasper called Allee “deranged” and quoted him as having told the blogger, “This year I'm not taking any shit.”

Since then, the blogger has been attending Allee's court hearings. The 41-year-old reportedly been somewhat uncooperative, and on January 26, pleaded “not guilty” to Vigil's murder. The charged killer is pictured in this KTLA footage from the Los Angeles Municipal Courthouse:

A Facebook group called “Remembering Enedine Vigil” was set up directly after the homicide. Commenters have since posted loving words, a photo of the New Mexico native with co-workers from Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics and a link to Perdis' own shout-out to his former personal assistant and “inspiration” on Huffington Post.

Allee's pretrial hearing is set for April 18. We've contacted LAPD Detectives Gable and Goodkin for the details on a status report released April 6, which should shed some more light into the investigation. Update: Detective Goodkin says the April 6 deadline was just the date all the investigators' evidence had to be turned into the court — a bunch of photocopies, etc.

Did you know Vigil or her attacker? Share your thoughts.

Note: Due to technical difficulties, the LA Weekly's archive of all homicides within Los Angeles city limits was discontinued near the end of last year. As of April 4, we have been rolling out the 2011 homicides, one by one, and will continue until our “Murder was the Case” archive is up to date. Thanks for your patience.


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