Retrograde Mercury tends to return events from the recent past to the forefront.
The Pisces full moon on the 21st brings what began at the Virgo new moon two
weeks ago to fruition. And while the sun-Saturn square challenges the establishment,
the planetary aspect we really have to watch out for is the square between militant
Mars and treacherous Pluto. What a weekend! Let's hope that harmonious Libra
will usher in another round of peace negotiations. The autumn equinox arrives
Sunday, the 22nd at 9:56 p.m. PDT. The count-your-blessings, shop-till-you-drop
Venus-Jupiter square falls on the 24th, F. Scott Fitzgerald's birthday. Is living
well still the best revenge?


Equinox and solstice points tend to affect the cardinal signs more than the
folks who aren't. However, this week's change of season packs an additional
punch for Aries, since it is accompanied by a challenging square between your
impetuous Mars ruler and dogmatic Pluto. If you remember what happened in March
2001 when these forces of desire met, you'll be able to trace what has developed
since and what still needs to be worked out. The final resolution is set for
Valentine's Day, if that's any help.


You're about to be carried away. Bulls let their imaginations soar while your
Venus ruler and idealistic Neptune interface this weekend. Artistic aims and
romantic love take center stage, but not in an easygoing way that suits the
Taurean temperament. Since Venus is taking root in sexy Scorpio, you're liable
to be lured into someone else's drama. Fascinating, for sure; however, it may
wind up costing a small fortune only because Venus gets tested by generous Jupiter


If not an undeclared war, then an internal conflict. Mars in your house of
domestic affairs challenges Pluto in your house of allies and enemies on Sunday.
Brash and brazen might not be your customary style, but do you want to succumb
to blatant manipulation without offering some sort of resistance? It would be
nice if the arrival of peaceable Libra signaled an end to the struggle, a truce
you can both live with. Daydreams flow from your Mercury ruler's link to idealistic
Neptune Monday night. Soulful songs, too.


Moon children may have an unusual reaction to the full moon this weekend. Nothing
especially weird is in the air, it's just that the imaginative Pisces moon often
evokes visions of faraway places, strange-sounding names and the motion of the
ocean. Because Mercury is retrograde, you know you shouldn't make travel plans,
but you can dream and research future destinations. The autumnal equinox, i.e.,
solar Libra, may bring a significant shift in priorities – less “me,”
more “we.” Less “Who am I?” More “Wheremy family?”


Nobody likes to confront their personal limitations or have limits imposed
on them, especially the king of all creatures. Therefore, while your sun ruler
is being tested by stern, government-sponsored Saturn this weekend, don't assume
it's the full moon in Pisces, the sign of the martyr, that's making you weepy
and willing to sacrifice something you value. The moon is simply the emotional
outlet for the frustration you might be feeling because sun-Saturn contact is
restrictive, demanding and a consummate drag. Patience, good advice on the 27th.


Well, there's not much you can do to mitigate the anger springing from aggressive
Mars in your sign. However, someone related to your domestic scene, e.g., a
landlord or family member, might set up a situation this weekend that provides
an appropriate target for your rage. For good or for ill, there's nothing quite
as forceful as a Mars-Pluto square. Or you could apply that energy to repairing
something that's sorely amiss. Harmonious Libra should bring some relief and
reconciliation by the 27th.


Your deepest desires and loftiest ideals are within your grasp. Who wudda'
thunk it? While your Venus ruler is tested by protective Jupiter and artistic
Neptune this week, you may be forced to change your approach so that you can
express the creativity that lies buried within. You might also find the people
who'll support your efforts, who are willing to participate in the internal
drama that's about to unfold. Yet, somewhere in the mix, there's a birthday
party that needs to be planned. No more surprises.


Although you might already be entangled in the web spun by your co-ruling planets
– pushy Mars challenges power-crazed Pluto this weekend – there's always the
possibility that you won't turn out to be your own worst enemy. Uncomfortable
as the square aspect can be, if it only exacerbates a money matter between you
and an acquaintance, you'll emerge relatively free from harm. For a glimpse
into the background and timing, read for Aries. For an alternative way to go
while Venus is in Scorpio, read for Libra.


A couple of things can come to a head this weekend, and while they may be interrelated,
you'll probably respond differently to each one. If the restrictive sun-Saturn
square affects your partner more than you personally, show some compassion.
However, there's no deflecting the criticism aimed your way when acerbic Mars
in your career midheaven challenges Pluto in your sign. Who's insisting you
reinvent yourself? Meanwhile, there's a tearful Pisces full moon welling up
over a family matter or a plumbing problem.


Indecision makes you antsy; however, there's no sense in forcing issues this
weekend. Too much is up in the air, and because the perfectionist Virgo sun
is challenging your Saturn ruler, too much could be at stake. Consider, instead,
the possibility of pursuing your education, either learning more about a hobby
you delight in or taking a course to qualify for a higher position at work.
You can sign up after Mercury turns direct, thereby increasing your chances
of successfully following through, of not dropping the ball or changing horses
in midstream.


Succumbing to a seductive offer, going with your artistic inclination or simply
following wherever a good-looking sexy beast leads are some of the possible
scenarios arising this weekend from Venus' square to impressionable Neptune
in your sign. While there's lots of potentially scary stuff around, none of
it need reach you. You've got a protective partner looking out for you and professional
financial advice to check on. Nonetheless, right about now you might want to
see what's in store for your rising sign.


If you can keep a favorite fantasy alive and well, that would be the most pleasant
way to get through the week. Affable Venus reaching out to your Neptune ruler
puts affectionate acts, art appreciation and socializing high on your list.
When Mercury adds its two cents' worth, you become even more expressive. But
of what? The inspiring thoughts pouring out of you or the petty problems your
partner is all too willing to share? The annual full moon in Pisces magnifies
all your reactions – the good, the bad and the blah.

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