Define Amazing

In the headline of staff writer Patrick Range McDonald's Feb. 22 feature story, we declared that mayoral candidate Emanuel Pleitez is “The Most Amazing Person Who Won't Win L.A.'s March 5 Mayoral Primary.” Readers took issue with that assertion — and not the part about how Pleitez won't win.

Writes ArtistBlue29, “I question everything he's done. He has probably been the less-than-radiant Mexican or Latino token, especially at Stanford. Where's his platform for whites and blacks? I haven't heard it! Where are his TV and radio commercials? Or does he think that he is so 'good' that he doesn't need millions in order to run?

Missioncontrol666 adds, “I'm disturbed by the fact that he worked for Goldman Sachs and Spokeo. He talks a good game, but I'm afraid he's more of the same. The kid was right: 'It's all the same.' Out of the mouths of babes and so forth.

Darrelmack notes, “Pleitez ran in the special election to replace Congresswoman Solis for the sole purpose of pulling Latino votes from Gil Cedillo. He is the worst politics has to offer — a guy who so badly wants to get to the top that he'll throw his name into the ring just to take votes from another candidate. His lack of character is now evidenced by his willingness to run for the sole purpose of pulling Latino votes from Garcetti. Dig deeper and you'll see that Mr. Pleitez is an imposter, and not the person you'd like him to be.”

The Gun Getters

Readers also had lots to say about Gene Maddaus' Feb. 15 exposé detailing the connections between those granted concealed-weapons permits by the L.A. County Sheriff's Department — and those giving to L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca (“The Gun-Gift Connection“). Writes SoCal Johnny, “I'm not a huge Weekly fan, but this is pretty darn good reporting. There is no doubt corruption with the concealed-weapons system in California. Baca is a turd. Vote him out.”

GunGranny adds, “Seems to me if all of us who would like a permit would donate the maximum to Lee Baca's opponent, we might get the crony-ist unelected. Then the rest of us little people could maybe have a shot at a concealed-weapons permit. I don't know about anyone else but I'd like a chance at being able to protect myself before I have a tragic story to tell.”


Our Feb. 22 story about Emanuel Pleitez incorrectly identified Paul Volcker. Volcker was chairman of the federal Economic Recovery Advisory Board. Also, our Feb. 22 music story, “The Mystery of Shuggie Otis,” referred incorrectly to Shuggie Otis' marital status. His wife, Lillian, passed away; he is a widower. We regret the errors.

Also, our Feb. 15 story about Wendy Greuel (“The Insider”) placed a quote from solar advocate Matt Peterson about Brian D'Arcy in a misleading context. Peterson was referring to discussions about a 2005 solar-power proposal, not the 2008 solar initiative.

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