Electronics maestro Eliot Lipp has lived all over the United States, picking up influences on his way to now. In his hometown of Tacoma, Washington, he learned that music was his calling after nurturing a suburban love for the sounds of Wu-Tang Clan. In moving to San Francisco, he got closer to the Bay Area’s hip-hop scene, soaking up the energy coming from Hieroglyphics and Quannum at the time. A few years later in Chicago, he discovered a firsthand love for post-rock and electronic sounds, the latter of which brought him to L.A. in search of camaraderie. Unfortunately, Lipp left two years too soon (he moved to New York in 2006), ignorant to the fact that this city’s beat scene was on the verge of blowing up. With this gig, Lipp gets his second chance. Not that he needs one — the man’s highly musical, digitally designed soundscapes have been a favorite among fans of electronic music for years.

Wed., April 7, 2010

LA Weekly