Elevate Your Cannabis Experience with the Pulsar Sipper

Pulsar has always been at the forefront of water-cooled vaping with the success of the H2O series of cartridge vaporizers and the brand’s flagship electronic oil rig, the RöK. Their latest innovation? The introduction of the Pulsar Sipper, a dual-function water filtration vaporizer that seamlessly merges the functionality of e-rigs and the ease of cart vapes, without sacrificing a millimeter of style. Released last summer, the Sipper has been generating buzz and acclaim from all corners as a step forward in concentrate consumption for all users.

With a glowing review from High Times calling this rig “the most unique vaporizer on the market,” this little bubbler has been making a big splash. As Redditors have been saying, the Sipper is “guaranteed built by stoners, they’re just actually engineers this time.” They’re not wrong! Pulsar’s product team are veterans of the industry with decades of cumulative experience between them. The team put their hearts and souls into this original development, focusing on blending technical performance with a good time for the user, and their dedication shows in the Sipper, which has plenty of features for beginners and seasoned stoners alike and was designed to provide the smoothest and most user-friendly option on the market.

With the benefits of water filtration just like a traditional rig, the Sipper gives smooth hits that come from four different voltage presets. Different voltages allow different benefits from the hardest hit to a smoother terpene-filled tasting experience. The bubbler is just “the icing on the cake.” Pulsar’s Product Manager, Coleman Fowler, points out that the bubbler is “super convenient for sharing, or just not having to be on a timer.” The auto-filling vapor chamber allows for a more laid-back session, eliminating the inconvenience of holding the rig while it fills and giving users a more traditional, nostalgic bubbler experience. Pulsar backs its product with a one-year warranty and includes a stainless steel dab tool that allows for easy out-of-the-box use.

As vaporizers became more popular, so did concentrate consumption of cannabis byproducts like oil. Dab rigs originally functioned much like traditional water pipes, but it wasn’t long before the technology that had developed for cannabis flower vaporizing was applied to concentrates. Electronic dab rigs started becoming one of the newest fronts of innovation within the cannabis industry, and Pulsar has proudly been there every step of the way, even developing an e-Rig when e-Nails were the only game in town and “e-Rig” didn’t exist as a word. One of the best things about the Sipper is the effortless merging of two different methods of concentrate consumption, with the ability to use 510-threaded oil cartridges or a coil for vaporizing wax concentrate.

Bringing innovation to the table is nothing new for the close-knit team at Pulsar. Since the start of vaporizer tech, these creatives have been constantly working to deliver the best possible experience, with the customer always a top priority in their mind. As cannabis culture and consumption trends evolved, so did Pulsar. When it became clear that electronic options were the next step in that evolution, Pulsar started producing vaporizers to fill that niche, and they haven’t slowed down since. Originally manufacturing the Pulsar 7 over a decade ago, a pen style handheld herb vaporizer, the company has expanded when and where it was needed most.

With their flagship line of the APX family, as well as the acclaimed 510 DL series and RöK electronic oil rig, Pulsar keeps meeting users where they are so everyone can enjoy a great vaping experience for a reasonable price. The team behind the brand is always dreaming up new things and figuring out how to create them, while still keeping vaping accessible to users no matter their budgets. Like many in the industry, Pulsar has faced their share of supply chain issues, but they’ve persevered and have a solid production schedule to bring you more innovative product releases.

These days, Pulsar is still filling the gaps, and the Sipper is a prime example of that commitment to customer satisfaction. The sleek looks only provide the cover for a dangerously smooth experience that will leave you floored. Redditors – frankly, the most trustworthy reviews online – are praising it as a game-changer. One Redditor went as far as to say that “I honestly didn’t think I could get any higher, and then I used Pulsar’s new Sipper. My brain was annihilated and I’m a heavy, daily dab smoker.”

With an eye towards the future, you can look to Pulsar to produce innovative options for every stoner – and if you already have a Sipper, stay tuned, as the brand has more and more often been developing cool accessories for their existing products, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see either an aesthetic upgrade to the device itself or an expanded line of attachments, the same way they approached development of the RoK e-Rig.

Pulsar strives to provide customers of all types with a plethora of products, offering some of the most popular brands right alongside their original creations to provide the best smoking experience possible. And as the Pulsar brand moves full-steam ahead on a mission to bring more relevant products under its umbrella of offerings, so grows the significance of their long-time slogan “ENJOY HIGHER CULTURE.” Pulsar products continue to complement—and even help define—a lifestyle that is so much more than just vapes and pipes. The branding and visual approach will continue to reflect the sentiment to ENJOY HIGHER CULTURE with more original visuals and stand-out packaging.

The Pulsar brand continues to grow and evolve right alongside the vaping technology that powers it. The product team’s passion for their work comes with an increasing focus on thoughtfully-developed, beginner-friendly cannabis products with easy-to-use features that will appeal to newbies and experts alike. The company has also been investing in their creative teams and we can’t wait to see what’s next! Keep an eye on this brand – Pulsar’s evolution has seen them through a lot of industry ups and downs, and with ever-expanding legalization and decriminalization efforts, they’re sure to keep bringing the innovation we’ve come to expect.

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