Can the government really make you eat your fruits and vegetables? Can Elena Kagan? Can Senator Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma)? Perhaps not, but they can force you to watch more Senate confirmation hearings. Elena Kagan will almost certainly become the nation's 112th Supreme Court justice, but that didn't stop Senator Coburn from asking her some really silly questions, including one about whether Americans could be legally required to eat three servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

“It sounds like a dumb law,” replied Kagan, when Coburn asked her the question during testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. When she realized he was serious, she segued off into a long discussion about ________ . It does sound like a dumb law. It also sounds like a dumb question, but what do we know. Listen to the compelling discussion about the Commerce Clause and the possibility that the government could actually make you eat what you buy at the farmers markets someday, via YouTube. Oh, and if you have a legal point to make, please consider commenting in our comments section. We will do our best to forward your concerns to Senator Colburn's office.

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