Reporting from Las Vegas.

As we approached the main gate of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway's first Electric Daisy Carnival rave, things looked a little scary. Thousands of party-goers were corralled in a line to get in, and a crush seemed imminent.

But organizers were on the ball and shuffled crowds to other gates around the complex. Disaster averted.

After some chaos and controversy in L.A., the party's move to Vegas this summer has turned out to be fruitful so far. Cops say that …

… only 20 people were arrested and five were taken to hospitals. Of those 20, says Las Vegas Metro PD spokesman Bill Cassell, 14 were mostly drug-related felonies and six were misdemeanor collars.

No deaths were reported. Those are fairly low numbers compared to last year's 200 medical emergencies and 60 arrests (some outlets have reported 100-plus collars) in L.A. A 15-year-old died from an ecstasy overdose following the event, hastening its move to Vegas.

As many as three deaths have reported been connected to the last two EDCs in Dallas. (Cops called the death of one apparently ecstasy-crazed young man there who had jumped in front of a big-rig “a drug-induced suicide”).

Cassell says “there were not a lot of un-planned for problems It was overall a very organized event” in Vegas Friday night (and Saturday morning).

Cassell said the promoter told police 75,000 people showed up. That's a big number — a Coachella-sized crowd — and, traditionally, even more people show up on Saturday for the multi-day party (this one goes through Sunday).

We questioned Las Vegas police's reportedly low deployment numbers compared to L.A. (160 vs. 450) for similar events, but so far so good (so, In our face).

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