Electric Daisy Carnival, which ended early this morning, promotes itself as being “all about the experience,” and it's indeed much more than just a bunch of DJ sets and some carnival rides in a parking lot. There's a reason fans from around the world (115,000 of them!) descended on Las Vegas this past weekend.

For many of them, EDC a festival-land hero's journey. At its peak, it's nothing short of sacred — and, at the very least, a mother lode of rave-style fun.

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This was the 17th year of EDC. Here, attendees weigh in on what the festival means to them.

Names/ages: Gary, 27 and Asia, 25

From: Virginia

Number of EDCs attended: This is the first for both

EDC is: “So big and friendly and wonderful. You pay a lot of money to be here, but you do that so you can be really creative with what you can do. EDC is essentially something you never forget.”

Names/ages: Adrianna, 19; Natalie, 19; Jose, 19; and Ilsa, 20

From: Tijuana, Mexico

EDC is: “Worth every single cent I spent to get here,” says Natalie. “We're all best friends, and it's so fun partying together. It's not just the concert, but the drive, the hotel room, getting ready, all of it. Once you actually get here, it's like, 'Oh my God.'”

Names/ages: Bianca and Isaiah, both 22. They're cousins.

From: Oklahoma and Georgia

Number of EDCs attended: The first for both. “I watched a documentary last summer on Netflix,” says Isaiah, “and I knew it was something I wanted to do.”

EDC is: “Perfect, honestly,” says Isaiah. “I couldn't have asked for a better experience. There haven't been any bad vibes. Everyone is just caring and loving and awesome.” Bianca: “This has been a life-changing experience for me. The love is flowing.”

Name/age: Anastasia, 19

From: Carlsbad, CA

Number of EDCs attended: Two

EDC is: Such a beautiful festival. They go to such great lengths to make it creative and artistic. Everyone wants to be friends and is so open and connected. It's a really spiritual experience.

Highlight: “Seeing Avicii. I was devastated last year when the windstorm shut down the festival right before his set. I've been waiting to see him for years. It was really cool.”

Name/age: John, 60

From: Eagle, Idaho

Number of EDCs attended: One

EDC is: “A really fun mix of music and art and people. I'm here to do a little bit of reconnaissance for a work project, but I wanted to go anyways. I love live music.”

EDM is: “Not so much my thing, but I'm getting used to it.”

Highlight: “The whole thing is kind of overwhelming. I love the big owl.”

Names: Seth and Natalie

Rave names: Chaos and Harmony

From: Sherman Oaks, CA

EDC is: “Basically what society would be if it was a utopia.”

Festival highlight: “How everyone allows themselves to be more loving and compassionate towards others. Everyone wants everyone else to have good time.”

Names/ages: Dana, 18, and Tyler, 20

From: San Diego, CA

Numbers of EDCs: This is their first and second.

EDC is: “The best festival I've ever been to,” Dana says. “They just put it on so well. It's so beautiful. There's never not something to look at.”

Highlight: “We saw Madeon on Friday, and we danced.”

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