So far — in the case of an El Monte man who was nearly crushed to death under the front axle of an old Chevrolet Blazer last night — there are no names, motives or other answers to our deepest, most burning-est questions.

But the story does have a hero. When L.A. County firefighters and paramedics en route to another situation were flagged down on the 12200 block of Magnolia Street around 11 p.m., they couldn't have been equipped for the horror they found there: a barely-breathing man trapped under the nose of an SUV. But lucky for him, one over-prepared neighbor had just the thing.

A four-ton hydraulic car jack, of course! Corporal Aram Choe of the El Monte Police Department told City News Service that the neighbor whipped out the car jack like it was nothin', handing it over to the emergency responders so they could work their magic.

Of the victim, Choe said:

“He was having some labored breathing but he was conscious and breathing. He was calm. I don't think he had much of a choice.''

All police know about the psycho Chevy driver is that he's male, and was probably trying to kill the guy on the other end of his road rage. (You think?) When the unidentified suspect does finally turn up, though, he'll likely be facing attempted murder charges, according to Choe — and his highly conspicuous weapon of choice won't help his lawyers much.

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