The owner behind a club that has been an alleged magnet for nearby front-yard sex has expanded his Silver Lake nightlife empire, the The Eastsider LA reports.

Club entrepreneur Steve Edelson has taken over the site of La Parilla restaurant on Sunset Boulevard and Westerly Terrace, the blog reports. This is only about a month after it closed following 20 years in operation.

Edelson also reportedly owns …

El Cid, site of said sex accusations (and alleged noise, too), and Los Globos, which has had quite an after-hours scene.

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Interestingly, following neighbors' complaints about El Cid last summer, L.A. city Councilman Eric Garcetti said, “What's happening at El Cid is unacceptable.”

(Just wait until he sees the after-hours partying at Los Globos).

If the city's putting the brakes on this mini club empire, you sure wouldn't know it.

We're cool with it. It's a little tiring to see gentrified newcomers complain about places that have been on the block for decades.

We just wish Edelson would fix the places up a little.


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