Last Friday, L.A. rapper cum professional scapegoat The Game revealed plans to collaborate with fellow local Tyler the Creator on a track ostensibly titled “Martians vs. Goblins.” It is unclear as to whether these two have forged a genuine rapport, or if Game is simply trying to arouse publicity and resurge his fading career. Either way, these two are both wildly unstable unpredictable. Their working relationship could take several courses of action.

We look at Eight Potential Outcomes:

1) Game and Tyler launch an all-out verbal attack against Odd Future rival and Family Feud host Steve Harvey. Not to be undone, Harvey plunges The Lady of Rage (his one-time co-star on The Steve Harvey Show) from obscurity to collaborate on a scathing diss track of their own.

2) Game and Tyler receive matching butterfly tattoos. Inspired, the two decide to remake Crazy Town's seminal 2001 hit “Butterfly.”

3) Tyler introduces Game to the wonder of longboarding. Game subsequently calls his fifth album C.H.I.L.L.

4) Game and Tyler break Earl Sweatshirt out of reform school. Game muscles his way past school security, while Tyler guards the premises.

5) Feeling a heightened sense of confidence thanks to the Game co-sign, Tyler disses eccentric G-Unit affiliate Danny Brown. Tyler is nonplussed by Brown's effeminate appearance, but the ex-convict proves tougher than he looks, stabbing Tyler in broad daylight.

6) Game and Tyler hole up in the studio to work on tracks for Dr. Dre's Detox. Tyler introduces Dre to Ritalin, much in the same way that a young Eminem turned him onto MDMA.

7) Game and Tyler co-star in a movie about the perils of Los Angeles gang life, helmed by first-time director Tyrese Gibson.

8) Living up to their reputations as impulse-challenged, Game and Tyler predictably kill people, burn shit, and fuck school.

LA Weekly