In June the controversial Electric Daisy Carnival rave moved from L.A. to Las Vegas, and organizers of have been trying to make us jealous ever since.

Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman called Los Angeles a “second-class entertainment venue” for letting the party leave. And that city's tourism officials are talking about expanding the gig into a week-long electronic music conference.

Now EDC's promoter is rubbing this in our face:

$75,000 worth of donations (in $25,000 thirds) to Vegas charities, handed over at an event yesterday at the city's nicest, newest Strip hotel, the Cosmopolitan.

Charity from a rave.

Charity from a rave.

Well done, but …

… that cash wouldn't have even covered the $92,000 worth of extra cops the LAPD says it had to put on big raves at the L.A. Coliseum/Sports Arena complex following last year's EDC controversies (the death of a 15-year-old girl who took ecstasy, 200-plus medical emergencies, and 60 drug-related arrests).

In fact the total policing cost to taxpayers for one night of raving (EDC last year was two nights and it expanded to three in Vegas) is about $208,000, although rave organizers claim a $42 million economic impact to L.A. — including thousands of temp jobs.

In any case, it's clear that EDC wants to return to its hometown. Time will tell.


LA Weekly