Springtime brings party season back to Southern California, the rave capital of the nation.

But what's that on your tongue? Obama, you say?

Be careful. Obama, as any Republican will tell you, might not be all that he claims to be.


Recent testing done by PillReports.com found that much of the 26 varieties of “Obama” out there in rave land is cut with other stuff, including the very legal piperazine.

Bummer for sure. But consider that while fake ecstasy is devoted to Obama, all George Bush got was this stupid song:

The Obamas, meanwhile, have been spotted in 15 states, including California.

Varieties include “Blue Obamas,” orange ones in the shape of the president's head, and ones that feature the prez next to Homer Simpson.

These sound about as appealing as a White House budget proposal.

It's 4/20 people: Keep in mind that Obama OG marijuana is a hot seller at local dispensaries. And it's totally, federally illegal.

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