Stoners' Delight (Spruce; $9.99) isn't the first pot-centric cookbook to cross our desk, but it was one of the few that did so without fanfare. No cartoon-ish colors or trite puns, just a simple beige cover with a marijuana leaf cupcake, which looks almost appetizing.

In the 30-page introduction, authors Dane Noon and Lex Lucid (pen names, of course) set the requisite chill tone. “Let it take you on a journey and believe me when I say: doing nothing will never be as much fun,” they write. “Enjoy yourself and spread the love.”


Then Noon and Lucid get more workmanlike, going over the various types of hash (which is essentially compressed resin), weed and skunk, what they're best for, how buzzed you should expect to be from them, etc. All useful information. The main lesson is that most of the recipes in this book call for legitimate hash. The authors make a pretty good case for it being the best quality form of THC you can buy, so for the sake of using their recipes to their fullest potential, it seems best to take their advice, if possible.

But if no hash is on hand, any run-of-the-mill pot you've got can be turned into CannaButter, or butter laced with marijuana, which can be subbed in for regular butter in any recipe that calls for it in this book. The process to make CannaButter is actually kind of complicated, so read the instructions with a clear head. Also, you may need to watch your proportions. Doesn't 1 1/2 sticks of CannaButter in those Melting Moments cookies kind of sound like a lot?

Which brings us to the recipes themselves. Not surprisingly, baked goods take up about half the book. The expected Ultimate Chocolate Brownies and Blondies appear, along with the slightly more intriguing Mother's Flapjacks, Almond Macaroons and Fruit Tea Loaf. What's more impressive about this cookbook, though, is that a respectable amount of entrées are included such as Irish Stew, Tortilla Wraps with Refried Beans and Mushroom & Couscous Sausages, as well as party snacks like Tahini Hummus and Golden Nugget Popcorn.

Assuming you manage not to overdo it, Stoners' Delight is a fairly serious cookbook for fairly serious consumers of pot. Some of the savory recipes in particular (nom nom Spinach and Cream Cheese Pizza) sound good enough to eat sans ganja. Noon and Lucid claim they'll work, so we just might.

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