Until a few days ago, Jennifer the Leopard was an unknown animal to West Coast Sound, and, in fact, existed way beyond our imagination, as if you'd told us that a bear-squid had been found in a lake near Tahoe. But we got word that the band had snagged two nights at Redcat on July 30 and 31, which prompted an Internets look-see, which resulted in discovering “Move Your Legs,” their so-called dance number, which brought a little joy and more than one LOL. (Go to their myspace page and listen to the song while reading this NOW).

It was with the first command: “Move your legs,” that snagged us. When the line came, “move your hair,” we were sold, followed by, in no particular order, “move your dick,” “move your car,” “remove that grimace from your face,” “move your cankles.” Clever, yes, catchy, yes. Primitive, too. We sure do hope that the smart and opportunistic remixers get a hold of that song. Samples galore. “Celebrity Sightings” is less successful, though not without its charms.

But check out “Lookin' Good, Feelin' Fine.”

“Celebrity Sightings” name checks Doughboy's and a Don Johnson sighting M Cafe on Melrose.

The band's stated goal is “to fuse feminism and cock-rock into a new genre of post-punk under the guise of an “all-girl band,” and we wish them all the luck in the world. They will aim to do just that at the New Original Works Festival 2009 at Redcat. It's part of a bill that also includes video artist Carole Kim collaborating with dancer/choreographer Oguri and musicians Alex Cline and Dan Clucas. A mix of live-feed video and layered projections, says the lit on the fest, “form an immersive installation that refracts the live performances … The inventive media artist and her collaborators use time and technology to twist the myth of Narcissus, with a visual vocabulary that evokes a dreamlike state in which past and future mysteriously entwine.”

This could be great. Consider this an early warning. Snag tickets here.

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