Earl Sweatshirt, the lost member of Los Angeles collective Odd Future, is back home.

How do we know? Less than an hour ago, Tyler, the Creator, tweeted that Earl has a Twitter account, @earlxsweat. So far, the mysterious rapper only has three updates — the first simply says, “home,” and the last links to a video snippet of a new song of the same name. His account also lists a Tumblr, although there are no posts yet.

The 18-year-old 17-year-old, whose real name is Thebe Neruda Kgositsile, received widespread critical acclaim for his 2010 mixtape Earl. But by the time the media descended on the group, Earl was nowhere to be found. Chants of “Free Earl!” were as ubiquitous as mosh pits and bloodied noses at Odd Future concerts until it was discovered last spring he was at a school for troubled boys in Samoa.

In the video below, Earl jokingly says if he gets 50,000 Twitter followers he'll release the full song. That should happen in oh, about five minutes.

A few months ago, Tyler trolled the internet by tweeting that Earl was back in L.A. However, it was confirmed that the Odd Future frontman just was being typically subversive, and the rumor wasn't true.

But this time, Earl himself is speaking.

Full song:

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