If you need another excuse to drink a good beer this weekend (and who doesn't), Eagle Rock Brewery is celebrating its 2nd anniversary on Saturday. But not at the brewery.

According brewery representative (and darn good resident artist) Andrew Bakofsky, the last-minute location change came about when their permit was unexpectedly denied at the end of last week. State regulators reportedly informed Eagle Rock that their past outdoor events, which flowed into their enclosed parking lot, were technically code violations even though the city has given them permits for similar events in the past (Will we be seeing more outdoor event crackdowns in l.A.'s beer future?).

And so you'll find Eagle Rock fans drinking to Solidarity (or a Revolution, depending on how the afternoon unfolds) at Verdugo Bar , also in Glassell Park, from noon to 4 p.m.

Credit: Eagle Rock Brewery

Credit: Eagle Rock Brewery

For $12, you get four drink “tickets” for Eagle Rock brews and a commemorative glass. Tickets are available on a first come, first serve basis. Translated into pints, that typically means it's wise to get there on the early end, but Bakofsky says it's the commemorative glasses that are likely to run out, not the beer, so you can always use a Verdugo pint glass. They will also be releasing a special 2nd anniversary beer called Deuce, which Bakofsky describes as a strong black ale that is essentially “a bigger version of [our] flagship, Solidarity.”

If you miss the party, Eagle Rock's tap room will be open normal hours (4 to 10 p.m.) on Saturday for your tasting (and toasting) needs, with that Deuce also on tap. Happy Anniversary to a great local brewery.

Eagle Rock Brewery Anniversary Party: Noon to 4 p.m., Verdugo Bar. Tickets are $12 and include four beer tastings and a glass.

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