With former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes self-destructing in front of our eyes more every day, it's not surprising that a child star would want to get out of the system. But Dylan Sprouse, one-half of the twin stars who made their name on Disney Channel's The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, isn't going quietly.

In a video posted to Reddit that caught fire overnight, Sprouse talks about leaving the Mouse House with his brother, Cody, to pursue a degree at New York University. But Sprouse also takes aim at the channel's executives who, as he put it, “laughed in our faces and pushed us out the door” when the brothers tried to take some creative control of their show.

(Note: The original version of the video we posted has been made private, but the new version is here.)

The video is a set of outtakes for what appears to be the first video of a new YouTube series called Coversations with Natalia — Natalia being a fellow student at NYU who is no doubt having a very good day as sites like Gawker and Salon push views to her channel.

Suite Life, shot at Hollywood Center Studios from 2005-08, also featured a spin-off series on a boat, Suite Life on Deck, which ran from 2008-11. According to Sprouse, had their plan gone forward, there would have been a third series (co-produced by the brothers) set in the show's original location — a fictional Boston hotel called the Tipton — in which the brothers would once again appear. Their appearance would have given the show time to build a new lead character before they departed for college.

“The show could go in any direction with this kid they wanted,” Sprouse said. “It would also set up all the cast and crew we've worked with for six years. So they would not lose their jobs in our decision to go to college in real life … and we would also be making money off the producership.”

Disney declined the idea, but soon enough pitched them a very similar version — albeit set in Miami, with fellow Disney superstar Selena Gomez in tow, but without the brothers as co-producers. That, Sprouse said, caused them to walk away from it all.

A representative for Disney Channel declined a request for comment.

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