Yahoo Finance (via BeatCrave) reports that America's Favorite Musician is…

Celine fucking Dion.

She beats Elvis, Sinatra, The Beatles, the Boss, and a bunch of country singers for the heart of America's listeners, according to a Harris Poll.

Number 2 (how apropos)?

U fucking 2.

Now, this poll means NOTHING. This is why:

From the BeatCrave article:

Yahoo Finance reported today that a recent Harris Poll of 2,320 representative American adults was held between March 1st through the 8th of 2010. The question asked was this: who is your favorite musician/ artist, and what is your favorite song by that person/ band? And I know what you're saying about the #1 spot–Beatles, Stones, Elvis, hell, even the Boss, right? Because this is your favorite artist of all time.

Now, if you've thought about music for more than 5 seconds it becomes glaringly obvious that THERE AIN'T SUCH THING AS 2,320 REPRESENTATIVE AMERICAN ADULTS when it comes to musical taste!

Are we right or are we right?

Favorite detergent? Maybe. Favorite fast food? Iffy, but maybe.

Favorite music? Nope. Musical taste doesn't work like that at all.

Now, we respect Celine and what she has achieved and we wholeheartedly recommend the little 33 1/3 book Celine Dion's Let's Talk About Love: Journey to the Ends of Taste, by journalist Carl Wilson (not the late Beach Boy) if you really wanna understand why so many people like the overdramatic Quebecoise diva.

But this poll is the stupidest talking point you'll be hearing about next week. You heard it here first. If anyone quotes this to you, just say “Dumbass!”

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