Here we stand on the edge of 2012, a year rife with tide-shifting portent, and, no, we have no flying cars. We do not eat meals in capsule form. And civilians won't be shot into space for years to come. What went wrong? What happened to the midcentury promises that science and technology have failed to deliver? We have GMO food crops, which are failing. We have medications with side effects more deadly than the diseases they're treating. (You do know that chemo is a product produced by chemical companies looking to move a stockpile of a deadly nerve agent, right? And that fluoride, which was finally added to the L.A. water supply in the '90s after decades of protest, is a nullifying brain agent made from industrial waste?) Science fiction has always outpaced science fact (unless we factor in the Pentagon's $90 billion black budget), and to that end, the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society is proud to bring ye of little faith Loscon 38, with panel discussions with writers, artists, science and tech experts, an art show, contests, merch booths, fan tables and activities for the little green children. L.A. Airport Marriott, 5855 W. Century Blvd.; Fri.-Sun., Nov. 25-27; $55 at the door, $25 kids 12-7, littlest ones free. (818) 904-9544,

Fri., Nov. 25; Sat., Nov. 26; Sun., Nov. 27, 2011

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