For the past few years, the obsessive funk and psychedelic collectors have started venturing overseas to find the obscurities; having dug and dug in search of Stateside gems, the headz have found themselves dug all the way to the other side of the world pillaging Asia for rarities. Which is a cool and surprising turn of events; as the world gets smaller, the crates get bigger and the collections get weirder.

The Dublab collective just returned from an overseas excursion, where they traveled Japan offering sounds and visions at galleries and Apple stores across the island. On their way back, it seems they got in touch with Zudrangma Records out of Thailand to slam down a pretty amazing podcast of oddball Thai tracks that might cause your ears a bit of consternation. This is some freaky music, and we're not talking Ariel Pink freaky; we're talking what the fuh freaky. Writes Dublab at their site:

These sounds come to you from deep within the ZudRangMa Records HQ amidst massive stacks of rare Thai funk/soul/Molam & Luk Thung. All of these gems have been carefully collected and preserved by Maft Sai who shares them generously with the world through his amazing ZudRangMa compilations, club nights and other creative outlets.

Here's the podcast, courtesy of Dublab.

Maft Sai & ZudRangMa present…”Isanland” [MP3]

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