The good folks at Dublab, easily the hardest working ecclectic DJs/event organizers in town, have barely recovered from last night's FREE KUTMAH benefit concert at the Echoplex, and they're already at it again tonight at the Hyperion Tavern in Silverlake.

The event in question is the mysterious Let Him In night, where Dublab's Ale and his merry bunch of DJs (Green Bean, SFV Acid and Suzanne Kraft) will be spinning a set anchored in Italo Disco but spreading out into Acid House, Kosmic Kraut and Funk. Basically, think an early '90s vibe, if the early '90s had been impeccably curated by people with good taste instead of falling under the spell of Vanilla Ice and Wilson Phillips.

LA Record's Chris Ziegler did an excelent interview with Ale back in April back when the Let Him In events first started:

You said Let. Him. In. will be playing music you never hear in L.A. clubs–will the effect be of unleashing all this at once?

Alejandro Cohen: Yes, it is true–most of the music is dance stuff that you never really hear in clubs. I think people have been collecting it, listening to it at home, or playing it at certain parties. You'll find DJs that would play a few tracks here and there in their set, but not really a fully dedicated night to this. At least not that we know of … Some of the early acid house stuff is kind of forbidden in a way–for a long time I've been playing things like DJ Bravo, and the dance floor would clear! But lately people are staying in the dance floor and timidly admitting that this stuff is actually good and fun. We do really hope people have a good time–dance, have a drink, and leave wanting more.

Here's a little taste of what you can expect to get you in the mood for tonight–Manuel Göttsching's epic E2-E4:

(if you dig this, there are 5 more parts where that came from!)

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