Karaoke night at the Sunset Room in Hacienda Heights: Never been crazier! “I miss the good ol' days of the Sunset Room,” complains one Yelper. You know, when you could “see some of the old folks drunkenly singing along to some song that [you] never heard before on the karaoke stage, and enjoy a stiff drink or a really cold beer…”

But these are glory days 2.0, in which the old folks have moved on to drunkenly ramming their lavender beaters straight through the front of the club. Something to do with the $1 tacos and $ Tecates? Tearing a tad too hard on the “Rock Band” gee-tar? Photo via NBC LA:

Credit: NBC

Credit: NBC

California Highway Patrol investigators told NBC that the man had been asked to leave the rowdy dive bar (located on South Hacienda Boulevard, the town's main drag) around midnight.

Then, at 12:10 a.m. — all hell broke loose.

In the (gloriously podunk) words of a witness: “I was sitting there enjoying the karaoke, and all of the sudden I hear this big old bang.”

Despite appearances, the drunk guy told CHP officers at the scene that his sudden acceleration had not been born of intentional vendetta. Instead, he had accidentally put the pedal to the metal before putting his car into drive. Oops.

Fortunately, none of the Sunset Room's 80-plus patrons were hurt — thanks to “large music speakers” that “might have stopped the car” — and, as partial consolation for the giant hole in its frontside, the Hacienda Heights hotspot totally got its rage back anoche.

The party-fouling DUI suspect, not so much: He's behind bars at the Industry sheriff's station this morning. We've contacted CHP investigators and the Sunset Room for more information.

In the meantime, any witnesses out there who want to share their war stories?


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