Phil Varone, the drummer for Saigon Kick, Skid Row and Prunella Scales, is unleashing his sexy on the world with his XXX movie Phil Varone's Secret Sex Stash (sorry, we just gagged, too).

In the highly NSFW teaser, alongside which appropriately features a photo of Varone with “Star of VH1's Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew” splashed across it, we get a sampling of the 3000 groupies Varone claims he's had sex with.

“Sex has been the defining element in my life and both the movie and my website document my continuing extraordinary adventures,” says Varone. “They've got an addiction claim for everything you can do, but I never considered myself a sex addict because sex never screwed up the rest of my life or my ability to function at a high level.”

Well, sure. He's a rock star. “Have sex” is listed just below “play shows” and “do drugs.”

But he's not a player, he just fucks a lot:

Says press release (emphasis ours):

“I believe everyone should have sex with as many partners as possible, in as many ways as possible,” he says, noting that he and his fiancé have an open relationship and enjoy sexual encounters with multiple lovers.

He'll be throwing a party at L.A.'s Key Club on June 21st to celebrate his conquests. We suggest you bring condoms.

LA Weekly