So, recent LA Weekly feature subject Nathan Williams, aka “King Skinny Shitster,” of buzzband extraordinaire Wavves picked up some blogosphere love from Pitchfork (and people who link back to Pitchfork) when he tweeted about a new item he's offering through his website and touring merch table: a Wavves-branded weed grinder.

(Because he likes pot. And cats. Much like his girlfriend, indie “It girl” Best Coast. Who also loves pot and cats. Did you know Wavves and Best Coast are dating? Did you know they are into pot? And cats? And that they own an overexposed indie cat called Snacks? Did you? Uh?)

But we don't think anybody's mentioned the even more dubiously legal item Wavves is selling right next to the oh-so-cheeky weed grinder:

Wavves: do you want some possible copyright infringement with your soft drugs?

Wavves: do you want some possible copyright infringement with your soft drugs?

See that thing next to the cutesy drug paraphernalia? That garment? According to Wavves, this “Mouse T-shirt” portrays “Meeky Moose”: “this Wavves t-shirt is a blast from the past to one of your favorite characters growing up.”

We're confused. Is it a Moose or a Mouse? Which obscure character are they referring to? Do copyright laws become meaningless when you're very stoned? Is it possible that a very high Nathan Williams convinced himself this totally rad cartoon mouse he doodled is his own creation? Can the corporate lawyers of a certain very litigious entertainment conglomerate go after that mad Best Coast moolah? (memo to Best Coast–ironclad prenup, mmmkay?)

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