Berln-based producer LoSoul has always been a secret fave of mine, a relatively obscure creator of deep, bass heavy minimalist techno whose work feels much less synthetic than many of his brethren. The stage-name of one Peter Kremeier, LoSoul is part of the consistently fascinating Playhouse Records team, and will be in town courtesy of Droog on Friday Dec. 19 at the Room (1626 N Cahuenga).

LoSoul wanders much closer to deep house than, say, Ellen Allien, and has no problem employing divas to moan and groan. It could be a nice holiday evening of romantic beats.
The week before, on the 12th, Droog's bringing in Detroit's Seth Troxler, the newest and most promising torchbearer of the Motor City electro-rhythm passed down from Juan Atkins to Undrground Resistance to Drexciya to Matthew Dear. Troxler plays with Droog at Temporary Spaces 1 in Hollywood (5100 Fountain Avenue)) on Friday, Dec. 12.   

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