Explosive. Incendiary. On fire!

It was that kind of night in Los Angeles for the Fourth of July. Some neighborhoods endured amateur fireworks well into the a.m. Fireworks are illegal in the city and in much of the county.

The Los Angeles Fire Department says that from midnight yesterday to 8 this morning, it responded to about 42 fireworks-related incidents, including about six that resulted in “various injuries to extremities, eyes and burns,” the LAFD stated.

“The 2016 quantity of fireworks-related incidents within the LAFD's 470-square-mile jurisdiction are on par with previous years,” spokesman Erik Scott said.

Check out some of the action as L.A. Weekly photographer Ryan Orange flew a drone over a portion of those 470 square miles.

A still shot of fireworks; Credit: Jorgen Kesseler/Flickr

A still shot of fireworks; Credit: Jorgen Kesseler/Flickr

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