Vu Restaurant: Bloody Mary

Bartenders, to say nothing of hungover home mixologists, have as many ways to make a Bloody Mary as Los Angeles has luxe loncheros. The drink's ubiquity typically translates to a glass of V8 spiked with vodka, maybe a dash of pepper or a hit of Worcestershire, if it's fancy. More doesn't necessarily make better, except when it does.

Recently opened , a mix of molecular gastronomy and upscale American fare from Southern chef Kyle Schutte, throws everything but the kitchen sink into their version, and the result is, quite possibly, the best beachside Bloody Mary.

Garnished with two olives and a lime wedge, about the only thing Vü's Bloody Mary doesn't have is a stalk of celery. Instead, the vegetable's kick comes from dashes of celery salt (de rigueur) and celery bitters (fairly rare).

The real trick to Vü's Bloody Mary — and it's no secret because you'll taste it at first sip — is the fresh-squeezed tomato juice. Tart and a touch sweet, it holds up to the assault of Dijon mustard, Tabasco, Worcestershire, olive juice, horseradish and freshly ground black pepper that round out the drink. Keep in mind, this is December produce. The tomatoes, and the view from Vü's patio, will only improve as the weather warms up.

LA Weekly