Struck by the porous and flexible borders of that far country known as “West L.A.,” we recently wondered aloud just what constituted its boundaries. (“West of La Brea, East of the Moon: Where the Hell Is West L.A.?“) Here are some reader replies clarifying this cartographic mystery.

  • demanik: Years ago, when we lived in West LA on

    Barrington Ave. we had a saying: “There is no life east of Sepulveda.”

    That's a definition of what is and is not West LA.

  • Fletch: Though

    it's been years since I was caught dead west of La Brea, I would go

    with the 405 as West L.A.'s eastern boundary. Everything between the

    405 and the L.A. Country Club I've always considered Westwood

    (excepting that carbuncular eruption south of Santa Monica Blvd. known

    as Century City).

  • Estarla: I remember Ari Gold used the term “west of Sepulveda skanks” in an episode of Entourage before. So there you have it – Sepulveda it is. Since I'm a UCLA alum, I keep the westside in the “glory days” of undergrad. I'm at La Cienega now so I'd like to keep that disassociation from the “westside,” kthx. 😉 In short, no way is it even near La Brea. Even Beverly Hills is a tad west of what they call “Mid-City West,” right? I'd have thunk that was the border at the most east.

  • Manisha Shahane: As a resident of West LA since 2005, I think of West LA's eastern border as being a little further east of the 405, closer to Westwood Ave, but certainly NOT as far east as La Brea. Maybe Veteran Ave could be considered the eastern border. Note to Fletch: I'm alive and well in this part of LA and I get around frequently enough to sample many of the other parts, too. 🙂

  • William: I have to say wikipedia's defintion seems dead on.

    Also, I live at MacArthur Park and consider myself on the “eastside”

    but not “east la”.

  • Bob Bobberson: I would say West LA ends at Beverly Hills. Westwood, Brentwood, Mar Vista, Santa Monica all border West LA.

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