Dr. Ruth Westheimer is getting into the wine business, reports the New York Post. The octogenarian, Sorbonne-trained psychologist, author and sex therapist is coming out with a line of low-alcohol wines. The California wines, which will have an alcohol content of only 6 percent, will be showing up in New York supermarkets, bodegas and, apparently, “at least one top New York eatery” as soon as early July. The line of wines will be called Vin d'Amour, as it should be.

The idea, of course, is that moderate consumption of wine helps with, well, wine pairing. As Dr. Ruth tells the Post, “I'm always saying couples should drink to relax, but not too much. If [the woman] drinks too much, she falls asleep and if [the man] drinks too much, he can't perform.” Same could be said for the enjoyment of a multicourse meal, I suppose.

Westheimer, not much of a drinker herself, apparently enjoys the occasional glass of gewürztraminer, but she prefers ginger ale. Whatever works. And if that doesn't, you can always ask Dr. Ruth on Twitter.

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